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The wonderful thing about Crime Stoppers is that WE as a community work together to provide information to the police, to help improve the quality of OUR lives, and reduce crimes in OUR communities.

The most important thing is that we communicate the Crime Stoppers Telephone number 800-TIPS (8477) and that ALL of our community from our children to our grand parents remember the number. That way when they witness a crime, they can immediately call Crime Stoppers, most importantly ANONYMOUSLY, and help to eradicate crime from thier neighbourhood.

In order for Crime Stoppers to communicate this message throughout all communities and people in the British Virgin Islands we need your help.

Support Us

From fundraising, to volunteering, to gifts in kind and donations - all help is much need. Find our how you can support us. More info.

Corporate Partners

We have a number of programmes that could work for your business. Find out how we can work together. More info.

Support Us

We are the independent charity committed to fighting crime and we rely on your support to continue doing so.

Make a donation

Did you know that Crime Stoppers is a charity? Without your donations, the criminals who will get arrested because of information we receive will still be on the streets. Please help us by making a donation.


in the next few months you will start to see Crime Stoppers Antigua Events. Getting involved means you'll be raising money to make your community safer.

Corporate Support

Our corporate partners play a crucial role to help raise funds, so that we can work together to protect the communities where we all live and work. Our success is your success - information we receive gets criminals arrested and charged, while you help to protect your colleagues and business from being victims of crime. Find out more about how your business can work with us. More info.


Do you want to make your community a safer place? You can volunteer for Crime Stoppers and join in the fight against crime! Your time is valuable to us, so even if you can only spare a few hours a month to volunteer for Crime Stoppers, you'll see the difference you can make to your community. Email to get involved.

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Charity of the Year

Does your company have a Charity of the Year? If not, why not nominate us?

Gift in Kind support

Help us today by donating anything you can offer - a prize for a competition, or a venue for one of our events! With a busy fundraising calendar to help raise money for the charity, we're always on the lookout for gifts of any kind. It's really important that we promote our work and the anonymous Crime Stoppers phone number, so gifts could even take the form of airtime on radio, advertising space in newspapers and magazines, or anything that can help us reach communities around the UK.


Corporate Sector

There are many opportunities for the corporate sector to work with and collaborate with the non-profit organisation Crime Stoppers.
Partnering with Crime Stoppers is a great way for businesses to help prevent themselves from being victims of crime, while demonstrating corporate social responsibility by supporting a non-proft organisation.

Ways We Can Work Together

Crime Stoppers National Strategic Partner Scheme
Become one of our Strategic partners and see how Crime Stoppers BVI and your organisation can benefit from our unique partnership opportunities.

Crime Stoppers Brand

Does your company suffer from crime? Do you have internal staff problems? Find out how we can help your organisation today!

Charity of the Year

Does your company have a charity of the year? If not, why not nominate us? If your company doesn't have a chosen charity, why not tell them you'd like to support Crime Stoppers BVI?


With a number of high profile events and national campaigns and publications, becoming a sponsor is a great way to show your support of the independent non-profit organisation fighting crime.

Gift in Kind Support

With a busy events calendar with numerous fundraising activities, we're always on the look-out for gifts of any kind help us today by donating anything you can offer a prize for a competition, or a venue for one of our events!

Become a Partner

Working with Crime Stoppers can bring many benefits to your organisation; find out why you should become a partner.

For opportunities to work in partnership with Crime Stoppers, please call 494 3514

Give Information Anonymously

Crime Stoppers is here for you anytime of the day or night.
You can contact Crime Stoppers anonymously by calling 800 TIPS (8477). Talking to one of our advisors helps you provide the full picture and makes sure the best use can be made of your information.

Remember, All Calls You Make Are:


Answered in an overseas call centre

Your voice will not be recognised.

Your number cannot be tracked as the line is set up securely.

800 - TIPS (8477)

Submit A Tip Online

Using super secure technolgy - you can also fill out our online form to submit a text. When you submit the text, we use secure server technology which protects your identity. The form can not be traced back to the sender and therefore you can submit your tip secure in the knowlege that no-one can find out who you are.

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Kareem Scatliffe

Possession of an Unlicensed Firearm

Sex: Male DOB:  14th December 1983 Race: Ne...

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Marco Aurelio 'Bridgewater' 'Lebron'

Unlawful Sexual Intercourse with a Minor

Sex: Male DOB:  August 7, 1976 Race: Hispani...

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800-8477 [TIPS]

All Calls are Anonymous, Confidential & Untraceable. All Calls are answered in an overseas call centre.

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Stolen Property

Thursday, 22th July 2010

Stolen Electrical cable

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