Monday, 19th July 2010Ensuring your anonymity

We know anonymity is vitally important to you.

It makes it easier for you to come forward, breaking the silence around criminal activity and removing your fear. Anonymity makes the difference.

  • you will not be required to reveal your name
  • you will not have to make a police statement
  • you will not appear in court
  • your call will not be recorded
  • your call or online form will not be traced.

We create a report from the information you give us. Our specially trained OVERSEAS call handlers will check that this report contains no information that might identify you, e.g. if the call is about your neighbour, we won't mention this. We don't even make a note of your gender. ALL CALLS ARE FREE, AND WILL NOT APPEAR ON ANY TELEPHONE BILLS.

Did you know...?

Crimestoppers' promise on anonymity has never been broken

If the identity of one of our callers was made known it would destroy trust in Crimestoppers worldwide and no one would contact us. This is another reason why it is so important to us that we can guarantee your anonymity.

To give information anonymously to CrimestoppersBVI now, call 800 8477 (TIPS) from any mobile or a landline in the BVI or fill out our anonymous online tip form using the web tip tab.




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Anonymity photo of a Ensuring your anonymity


800-8477 [TIPS]

All Calls are Anonymous, Confidential & Untraceable. All Calls are answered in an overseas call centre.

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